About Anet


Anet Abnous, an artist of Armenian origin, born in 1974 in Tehran, IRAN.
She has degrees in Fashion designing and Bachelor of Fine Arts from Queens College NY.

She is a member of Contemporary Artist Network, Cambridge Who’s Who, Armenian International Women Artist Association (AIWA) and City without Walls. She has participated in many local and international Juried exhibitions in NY, NJ, CA, MD, RI as well as IRAN and Korea. Some of her paintings are in permanent collection of MOCIA, many Galleries in IRAN, Armenian Diocese in NY and many private collectors worldwide.

She has been published in Asbury Park Press (NJ daily newspaper) YERKIR (Armenian weekly newspaper), Hye-Tert Istanbul, QC Magazine, NY ART Magazine, RI Art Council and the Armenian Reporter since 2006, additionally, she has been on a radio interview with Anush Ter Talian on WBAI 99.5 FM about her pieces commemorating violence against women.


2006    B.F.A     Studio Art, Queens College (Magna cum laude)

Solo Exhibitions

2007     The Armenian series, St. Vartan Cathedral. N.Y
2005    Secrets , Queens College. N.Y
2003    Nine Months, Queens College. N.Y

Group Exhibitions


·         CANDID, Contemporary Art Network, N.Y, N.Y


·         DAC Gallery, Downtown, L.A, CA

·         Gallery Z Holliday Exhibition, Gallery Z, RI

·         59 Annual Artist Ball, Juried. Gallerie Icosahedron, TriBeCa, N.Y

·         Infusion Gallery, Downtown, L.A, CA

·         Armenian Allied Arts Association, 68 Annual Art Competition, Baldwin Park Performing Arts Center, L.A, CA

·         PLAYe: Stories of Africa. Downtown Art Gallery, L. A, CA

·         CANnabis, Contemporary Art Network, N.Y, N.Y 


·         Small Wonders III A Juried Fundraiser (Holly Myers), Pharmaka, Downtown, L.A, CA

·         Night of 1,000 drawings. Artist Space, New York, N.Y

·         58 Annual Artist Ball, Juried. Gallerie Icosahedron, TriBeCa, N.Y

·         1st Armenian Women’s Art Exhibition, Juried. Village Quill, TriBeCa, N.Y

·         Armenian Artists, Gallery Z, RI

·         Color with Enthusiasm, Broadway gallery. Juried. Soho, N.Y

·         Summer Nudes, Antreasian Gallery, Juried. Baltimore, M.D

·         AGBU FOCUS, Art Auction, Grand Gallery, Soho, N.Y

·         The Circular Exhibition, Gallery Ho, Juried. Korea

·         The Circular Exhibition, Hun Gallery, Juried. N.Y

·         Original Face, Microcosm Gallery. Chelsea, N.Y

·         Freehold Public Library. Freehold, N.J

·         Art Alliance, In the Mirror, Juried. Red Bank, N.J

·         Brookdale Community College, Freehold, NJ

·         37th Annual Monmouth festival, Juried. Monmouth, N.J

·         22nd Annual Jean Townsend Award, Juried. Art Alliance, N.J

·         International Women’s Day, Juried. Brecht Forum, N.Y

·         Freehold Public Library .Freehold, N.J

·         Guild of Creative Art .Shrewsbury, N.J


·         Guild of Creative Art. Shrewsbury, N.J

·         Art Auction/ SICA. Long Branch, N.J

·         Freehold Art Society. Belmar, N.J

·         Original Art, Juried. Art Alliance, N.J

·         New Works, Juried. Art Alliance, N.J

·         Creative Collective Art Show, Juried. Queens College, N.Y

·         Women Society Art Show, Juried. Queens College, N.Y

·         Open Studio. Long Island City, N.Y

·         Perusal of friends, Juried. Queens College, N.Y


·         Multiples, Juried. Queens College, N.Y

·         Open Studio. Long Island City, N.Y

·         Altered, Identity House/ I- Gallery, N.Y

·         Creative Collective Art Show, Juried. Queens College, N.Y

·         It is personal, Juried,  CB’s 313 Gallery, N.Y


·         Honorable Mention for painting, 68th Annual Art Competition, Armenian Allied Arts Association, 2008

·         Honorable Mention for sculpture, 68th Annual Art Competition, Armenian Allied Arts Association, 2008

·         Honorable Mention for  painting, Freehold Artist Association, 2007

·         High Honors Art Department, Queens College, 2006


·         Armenian Diocese, NY

·         Elaheh Gallery, Tehran, Iran

·         Niavaran Farhangsara, Tehran, Iran

·         MOCIA, Tehran, Iran



·         NY Art Magazine,January 2008,Vol 13 1/2

·         The Armenian Reporter,Oct,20,2007.   “NY’s First Exhibit of Armenian Women Artists opens at Tribeca Gallery” By Anush Ter Taulian

·         RI State Council on the Arts, Sep,18,2007.  Armenian artist from across the globe show at Gallery Z

·         The Armenian Reporter, Sep,8,2007. “An Armenian Women’s Art Exhibition will open on Oct 4th

·         NY Art Magazine, September, 2007 (Picks & Tips section)

·         The Armenian Reporter Art and Culture, June,23,2007.  “1st Armenian Women’s Art Exhibition”

·         QC Magazine, Spring 2007 issue

·         Yerkir (Armenian weekly newspaper) January,19.2007.  “Armenian Woman of New York” by Tamar Gasparyan Chester

·         Asbury Park Press, January, 6,2007.  “Local artist explores Iranian society in new exhibit” by Nick Petruncio.

·         Featured Artist of the month in Issue 15 of: October 4, 2006. Original Art and Photography Newsletter.



·         Radio Interview by Anush Ter Taulian at WBAI 99.5 FM on April 20, 2007.

o    Two pieces about violence against women


Internet Publication

·         NLC Artist of the week,December 15, 2008.

·         Meseon, Boletin 07, August 08.

·         Downtown LA Life Magazine, The New American Dawn, June 2008.

·         AGBU, August 18, 2007.

·         AGBU FOCUS on Art in SoHo, Grand Gallery, New York, November 2007.

Professional Affiliations

·         SCWCA Society.

·         Pasadena Society of Artists.

·         Gallery Z, RI. Exhibiting since 2006.

·         Contemporary Art Network.

·         Armenian International Women Artist Association, AIWA.


2008    Internship at DAC Gallery, LA, CA.
2007    Art Teacher at Inspired Mind Art School, Lincroft, N.J
2007    Co-Curator, 1st Armenian Women’s Art Exhibition, Village Quill, N.Y
2007    Assistant Curator, Violence Against Women, Brecht Forum, N.Y
2006    Curator of Creative Collective Group Exhibition, QC, N.Y